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Merrell Aesthetics Clinics was founded by Tia Merrell (BSc Hons Veterinary Science, 4th Veterinary Student Edinburgh - BVM&S Veterinary Medicine) in August 2020.  The clinic is based just outside Thorne in Doncaster, and offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments including lip filler, cheek filler and anti-wrinkle injections. At MA Clinic you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest standard of treatment with our practitioner, Tia. Our team is dedicated to help you achieve your aesthetic desire and will be with you throughout the journey.

We are committed to provide safe, effective and ethical cosmetic treatment to our clients.

Meet the Team

Tia Merrell

Aesthetics Pracitioner

Maria Merrell

Eyelash Technician

Merrell Aesthetics Clinic was founded by Tia Merrell, BSc Hons Veterinary Science & MRCVS Veterinary Medicine. As a 4th Year Veterinary Student at the University of Edinburgh, Tia has developed a vast amount of medical knowledge throughout her time at University.


With a keen interest in aesthetic medicine, Tia decided to open up Merrell Aesthetic Clinic as the Head Practitioner. After undertaking in-depth advanced dermal filler training courses, lip masterclasses and botulinum toxin courses, she continues to learn and develop within a rapidly changing aesthetic field.

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